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A fireplace can be a beautiful and functional addition to any custom home. It can serve as a source of heat and a focal point in a room. There are many different fireplace concepts from which to choose. They're usually traditional or modern fireplace designs, each with unique functionality. Here are some fireplace concepts:

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The Traditional Fireplace

This type of fireplace typically features a brick or stone surround and a wooden mantel. Using wood or gas for fuel, it can be built into a wall or as a freestanding unit. The traditional fireplace can add a cozy and rustic feel to a room and can be customized with various finishes and materials to match the home's overall aesthetic.

The Contemporary Fireplace

Clean lines, minimal design, and modern materials; that's what you can expect with these types of modern fireplace designs. Builders usually make them with metal or glass, and they can suspend them from a wall or build them into said wall. As a bonus, you can choose how you want to fuel these fireplaces. You can fuel them with wood, gas, or electricity. Contemporary fireplaces also add that sleek and modern feel to a room and are a great way to add a bold design element to your space.