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Get inspired by searching our award-winning ready to build floor plans. Mix and match elements from these plans to create your completely custom dream home.

We all want the place we live to reflect who we are, and there's no more effective method for doing so than with a customized home. As one of the top home builders in Lincoln, NE, we at Murray Custom Homes are ready to help.

Advantages of Building a Custom Home

There are many reasons why getting a custom home floor plan makes the perfect option for a prospective home buyer. For one thing, there's the simple joy of selecting every tiny detail in your home, from the tiling to the wallpaper. Do you want your home to be bright and colorful or subdued and modern?


A custom home plan also allows you to mix styles for a mix of everything from classical to ranch, whatever reflects you. Every style has different elements that can combine to form a new style distinctly your own form of self-expression. 


Furthermore, a custom home allows you to select every major element to craft the rooms you need. If it's a personal library for moments of solitude or a grand living room perfect for entertaining guests, customized home plans grant you the freedom to build your ideal dwelling.


Location selection is also a choice granted with a custom home floor plan. When you get to select where you live, you get the freedom to live in as much privacy as you choose, completely secluded or deep in the city with an array of neighbors. Wherever you want to be and whomever you want to be. 


As one of the leading home builders in Lincoln, NE, we want you to find your ideal spot with multiple lots for sale. We will also build on a lot you already own.


Cost is another advantage of a custom home plan. With the power of controlling every detail, you decide the quality of the material in your home. If you want an extremely high-end home, work with us for the finest home possible. If it's a more value-conscious domicile, we'll work to create something to fit your needs.

Our Plans

We have various floor plans available if you need guidance on where to go. Feel free to mix and match or alter these plans as you like. The six plans below are all single-family, single-story homes with 4-5 bedrooms and 2-3.5 bathrooms. These high-end luxury home plans range in price from $350K to $3M. They're all ready to build from one of the most trusted home builders in Lincoln, NE. 


In addition to these plans, we offer multiple additional plans. These home plans are equally customizable to your specific requests. 


We at Murray Custom Homes know how daunting it can be to craft your new home. We're an established home builder with years of experience and plans first built as early as 1999. Working with us, we will transform your vision of the perfect home into a reality. For a consultation to begin the process, contact us today


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