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When it comes to kitchen design, there are a variety of different styles that transform a living space. A minimalist look with neutral colors lends a sleek, professional look to a home, or you can add warmth and texture using natural wood and stone accents. Consider the function and style you want when looking at blueprints for new home construction in Lincoln, NE. Is the kitchen your gathering space for entertaining guests, or do you need a more practical layout?

A lot goes into choosing what kind of cabinets you want to have installed. Pull-out drawers may be the perfect fit if you enjoy cooking but don’t plan on having an overabundance of countertop space. Or if you prefer open shelves for your pots and pans, that option may work better for your storage. Part of the building process is designing what you need with a combination of your style and functionality, and Murray Custom Homes is here to assist.


Not sure what kitchen concepts you should even look at? This gallery features examples of finished builds with stunningly designed details. Whether you're drawn to the industrial feel or a more traditional vibe, you'll find options that match your needs and tastes. Get inspiration from these designs before you start customizing any blueprints.

Tray Ceiling with Wood Detail.jpg

Kitchen Priorities

Balancing your wants and needs during new home construction in Lincoln, NE can help you stay within budget. What details do you see when you envision when you’re conjuring up your dream kitchen concepts? An enlarged space with bright, airy windows? Granite or quartz countertops? What about cabinets?


If you’ve just started designing your dream home, you may not know where your priorities are yet. Murray Custom Homes provides beautiful pre-designed house plans. You can use these award-winning floor plans as a base to take inspiration from. Look through our gallery of finished kitchen concepts to get ideas for how you want yours to appear. Once you begin looking at blueprints, consider which features matter most to you and focus on those first.

Safety And Style

Don’t overlook safety in your kitchen concepts, either. Murray Custom Homes will walk you through what good ventilation looks like and the special considerations that need to be considered depending on your kitchen appliances. Planning out the space will help divide it into the zones you need. After all, so many life events take place in the kitchen. It’s a special room that combines cooking, entertaining, and family time. Don’t skimp on your favorite elements!


We offer the latest finishes and design elements here at Murray Custom Homes. Enjoy high-quality appliances and modern home details with ample natural light. Every detail is crafted when building your dream home. You have control over what colors go where, what types of cabinets you want to install, and even how much countertop space you prefer. Choose between different wood grains and stone options—whether you prefer quartz, stone, or granite. For a warmer look, opt for butcher-block-style wood countertops.


Plan out your new kitchen the way you’ve always wanted with our 3D mock-ups and you’ll see why this room has such an impactful role in your day-to-day life. The details make all the difference.


Interested in learning more about new home construction in Lincoln, NE? We would love to show you around! Let us answer any questions you might have and guide your future kitchen designs. Contact us today to learn more.


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