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3 Questions to Ask Your Potential Lincoln, NE Builders

Building a new home is one of the most exciting things you can do, but it can also be terrifying. If you don't find the right home builder, there's a lot that can go wrong with a custom home. When hiring contractors, you need to take the utmost care and ask plenty of questions.

In this post, we've got three important questions to ask your potential Lincoln, NE builders. How they answer these questions will tell you everything you need to know, so keep reading and let us help you with this crucial decision.

1. Can You Work Within Budget?

In 2022, the average cost for a new build was just under $286,000. You choose your own budget, but it's important that this remains at the forefront of everyone's mind throughout the planning and building of your custom home.

Of course, unexpected things can happen that affect how you plan your budget. That is why it's important to find a builder who understands how much money you have to work with. It doesn't hurt to find out what a builder thinks about your budget and whether or not they can work with it.

2. How Long Will It Take?

There are always plenty of people building new custom homes in Lincoln, which means that builders get busy. With home building, you're dealing with a trickle-down effect. Hiring contractors and getting hold of materials takes longer during busier seasons.

Spring and summer are usually the busiest times of year for new builds. Whenever you decide to build, make sure to ask the builder how long they estimate the project will take. Most homes take between 9 and 18 months from start to finish.

Depending on how many other projects your builder has, they may not be able to accommodate your schedule. If you're on a specific timeline, make sure to let them know before you get too far into the planning phase.

3. How Will You Communicate Throughout the Process?

Every homeowner is a little bit different. Some want to be heavily involved in the day-to-day oversight of the build, while others may only want to get involved when an important decision needs to be made.

Find out how your builder typically communicates with their clients while the construction is happening. If you want to be notified of the progress on a consistent basis, make sure that they know this is what you expect. Even if you're more relaxed about it, it's important to let your builder know your preference.

Get the Best Lincoln, NE Builders

If you ask these questions, you should get a pretty good picture of what working with a builder will be like. There are other things you can do, like checking ratings and reviews or looking at portfolios to understand other aspects, but there's nothing better than speaking directly to Lincoln, NE builders.

At Murray Custom Homes, we've been helping Lincoln residents take their dream houses out of their dreams and into reality. Contact us today for a consultation and we'll answer any questions you have about building your new home.

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