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How to Reverse Your Ceiling Fan for Winter

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

It's true. In the winter you can make your home more comfortable and save up 15% on heating bills by simply reversing your ceiling fan direction. This informative graphic will show you how and why to reverse your fan(s) direction.

Why Reverse Ceiling Fans?

  • Redistributing warm air makes a room more comfortable with less hot and cold areas. Flowing air tends to keep the area more evenly heated.

  • You can save on heating and energy bills.

  • An evenly heated room can eliminate the need for potentially dangerous space heaters.

How to Reverse Ceiling Fans for Winter

  1. Locate the fan direction switch on the fan body.

  2. Flip the switch it so that the fan blades are rotating "clockwise" for the winter, and "counter clockwise" for summer.

  3. Might as well clean the blades while you're at it.

To learn more about winterizing your home visit us at Murray Custom Homes.

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