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Light Floors Or Dark Floors? 4 Things To Consider When Selecting Flooring

Selecting floor material types and colors is something every new home buyer will need to consider.  Most new home buyers or remodeling designers are comfortable selecting the new flooring type without hesitation.  However, when it comes to the color and tone, home buyers can toil for days making flooring choices.  Understandable- it's a big decision.

It doesn't have to be difficult.  Let your lifestyle help you make some of the decisions.

If you live in the country or in a rural area where gravel roads are near, consider lighter flooring so you aren't constantly cleaning.

  1. If you have pets consider a mid-tone and surface finish that won't show scratches and pet hair.

  2. If you really love the look of dark floors and have dust or pet hair problems- consider a finish with contrasting textures and tones.  Selecting a wood grain with high contrasting grain patterns will help hide pet hair and dust between cleanings.

  3. Whether you are building new or remodeling, ask your contractor if they have software in-which you can envision the selections in real time.


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Selecting light vs dark flooring
Selecting Flooring

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