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The Most Popular Styles Nebraska Home Builders See

Lincoln, Nebraska is a popular place for young families. This is evident because the median age for a Lincoln citizen is just 32.9 years. If you currently have a young family, you should feel right at home in Lincoln should you choose to move there.

Before you do, though, consider hiring Nebraska home builders to create a custom home for you. Walking into a home that has everything you want can be a great feeling. Still, you may have less than great results if you struggle to choose a home style.

Read on to learn about some of the currently popular Nebraska home styles you can choose from.


Are you looking for something simple and inexpensive? Then you can't go wrong with an American Craftsman house. This style became popular in the 20th century because it stepped away from over-decorated Victorian homes.

Though this style is older, it has re-emerged in the home trends in recent decades. Here are some of the characteristics you can expect from a Craftsman:

  • Large front porches

  • Overhanging eaves

  • Exposed rafters

  • Decorative brackets

  • Low-pitched rooflines

  • Symmetrical appearance

  • Banks of double-hung windows

Ranch Homes

Ranch homes aren't just found on ranches. However, the wide-open spaces that surround a ranch house can resemble a ranch. This is likely how this house style got its name.

This home style got its start in the 1950s, just after World War II. Today, it remains a popular choice for Nebraska homes. You can expect to see these features:

  • Simple, open floor plan

  • Long, low-pitched rooflines

  • Single stories

  • Attached garages

  • Vaulted ceilings

  • Exposed beams

However, keep in mind that many modern ranch houses have new features. You may also see these:

  • Long, horizontal windows

  • Sustainable building materials

  • Recessed entries


When builders built them, this home style was called the Georgian style, after King George. They have since earned the moniker "Colonial-style homes". This is because these homes were built in American colonial times.

If you want a great classical look, a Colonial-style house can serve you well. Here are some of the characteristics that these homes have:

  • Symmetrical form

  • Symmetrical window placement

  • Pillars at the front entry

  • Corner quoins

  • Multi-paned windows

  • Cornice with dentils

Also, several of these homes originally had brick exteriors. You can mimic this style if you wish when you build your custom home. However, several modern colonial homes have wood paneling instead.

We're Nebraska Home Builders

This is just the start. Beyond these, you can find several home styles that you may enjoy. With some research, you should have plenty of possible custom homes to choose from.

When you're ready, consider making us your Lincoln, Nebraska Home Builders. Here at Murray Custom Homes, we build new construction homes in Lincoln and several surrounding communities.

Our award-winning service will give you your dream home. Schedule your free consultation today! Just fill out the form on this page.

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